Shawn pops the Question| Lakeside Park|Dallas, Tx

January 31, 2022

Let me start by giving you the background story to this beautiful moment pictured


For months prior to contacting me, Shawn had been driving around with the ring hidden in the spare tire of his car lol. He finally decided to reach out to me , after a previous client referred him to when, after he proposed.

Shawn was very open to ideas since he was only sure of three things:

1) He was sure that he wanted to propose

2) When he wanted to propose, and…

3)That he wanted both of their families there

So I suggested a location where their families and I could hide. He would propose, and after she said yes, she would turn around and see their friends and families standing behind her.

Skip forward to day of the proposal. Shawn and I had planned everything to happen at White Rock lake, but the day prior, a sewer line broke, making the lake and everything within a 10 mile radius of the lake smell like…you know! So at the last hour, we switched locations to Lakeside Park , and I’m definitely happy we found this location. The greenery was perfect!

Thankfully, the heavy rain let up, the families arrived early, and we were able to find hiding places, so they could stay hidden until the right moment. It was a whirlwind day, but the results were definitely worth it.

Check out some of my favorite images from that day!

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